John Adams *** Complex Character

John Adams *** Complex Character

He was born in 1752 as a 4thgeneration,
Hard-working New England farmer,
Yet he read the Greek and Roman philosophers —
In Greek and Latin!

He loved his wife Abigail so dearly,
He told her he wanted to never be apart,
Yet he left her at home to serve his new country —
For months and years at a time!

His children delighted and pained him:
Two descended into the depths of alcoholism,
Yet one who traveled to Europe with his father —
Grew up to be President of the United States!

More than any single person,
He made possible the Declaration of Independence
And the birth of our country,
Yet he never sought adulation, fame and fortune —
So his face is missing from our money and Mt. Rushmore!

Peter Finkle

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