Pearl Harbor Day

Pearl Harbor Day: We Remember Those Who Died 76 Years Ago

The surprise attack by Japanese fighter planes on Pearl Harbor began at 7:55 a.m. More than 2,400 American military and civilians died that day and another 1,000 were wounded. Eight battleships, another twelve naval vessels, and over 300 airplanes were destroyed or damaged.

104-year-old Veteran Lt. Jim Downing was interviewed for an article at* He was serving on the USS West Virginia at Pearl Harbor, but was not on the ship that morning. When he became aware of the attack and ran back to his ship, it was already on fire.

As the years pass, there are fewer and fewer survivors of Pearl Harbor. Lt. Downing says about them: “There’s a camaraderie between us that doesn’t exist with anybody else like this.” “The fact that we fought together and survived together, there’s a bond between us that will never be broken and will never be exhausted.”

We also remember Jeff’s father, who fought in the Asia-Pacific campaign in World War II. Here is his enlistment photo.