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Adult Multi Gummy

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Delicious Orange, Cherry and Strawberry Flavored Gummy Multi Vitamins for Your Health

Eleven Essential Vitamins and Minerals

A Multi is Your “First Step” to Optimum Health

90 Gummies

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“Take a Step” to optimum health with our good tasting Vets Vites Adult Multi Gummy.

Most of us would feel better if we got a daily nutrition boost. Most of us don’t eat lots of dark green, red and orange vegetables every day. Most of us don’t eat lots of whole grains, legumes (peas and beans) and whole fruits every day.

People are trying, but it gets overwhelming in the midst of our busy lives to eat all those foods we are “supposed to” be eating for good health.

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015, “Vegetables are important sources of many nutrients, including dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, copper, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin B6, folate, iron, manganese, thiamin, niacin, and choline. “ The recommended amount of vegetables for good health is 2 ½ cups (5 servings or more) per day.

How many of us eat that many healthy vegetables every day? Not many of us, as you might expect…less than 10% of Americans. To put it another way, if we walked into a room filled with 100 people, 93 of us would be missing important nutrients because we weren’t eating enough dark green, red and orange vegetables.

So in addition to trying to improve families’ diets, get more exercise, and all the rest, a daily MultiVitamin can help you “Take a Step” to better nutrition and better health.

Just two Adult Multi Gummies a day is like an insurance policy for important nutrients. Did I mention that they taste good too?

Make it a new, good tasting, healthy habit for you and your family.


2 reviews for Adult Multi Gummy

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chris Lucka

    Another great vitamin that just tastes great and does what it says. Thanks Jeff, another great product, love it!!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tom Cypranowski

    This is hands down the best tasting vitamin I have ever had. After just a few days of taking these, I felt so much better and had a significant boost of energy.

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