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Combat Antioxidant Defense™

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Superfruit Power & Resveratrol

Immune Health Support

Cardiovascular System Support

Antioxidant Protection Against Free Radicals

60 Capsules

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Life can be tough on the body and mind, whether you are in the military, commuting to a stressful job, working at home or taking care of a family. We each have our own experiences of “life can be tough.”

We deal with non-stop stress and busyness, our immune systems trying to fight off illnesses big and small and even chemicals we are exposed to everyday in the air we breathe and the food we eat, so our bodies need some extra help defending us.

That’s why we created Combat Antioxidant Defense.

It contains 10 Superfruits with powerful protective properties, plus the anti-aging miracle nutrient Resveratrol.

In one study, old-age mice that took the Goji Superfruit extract had their immune function restored to youthful levels. We aren’t mice, but you’ll be happy to know that Goji extract, Acai extract and other Superfruits in our formula were also shown in human studies to boost immune function, reduce fatigue, and protect brain health.

Resveratrol boosts the defense benefits of our 10 Superfruits, especially for cardiovascular health and brain health. Resveratrol studies show improved blood flow, increased cognitive health and antioxidant protection for the heart.

Just two capsules a day of Combat Antioxidant Defense can provide an extra boost of protection in our busy lives, especially for our immune defense and cardiovascular system.

Make it a new healthy habit for you and your loved ones.


1 review for Combat Antioxidant Defense™

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joe selsor

    Been taking combat for over a month now and what a difference from other brands I’ve tried before What a great product the prices ain’t to bad also……..

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