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P.T. Calm™

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Stress Relief Nutrients

Supports More Relaxation and Less Anxiety

Helps You Stay Both Calm and Focused

60 Capsules

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Lots of times life can feel overwhelming. It might be stress at work, difficulty in a relationship or too much going on with the kids. Whatever it is, the internal circuits can get overloaded and threaten to short-circuit.

It’s not just “mental.” With ongoing stress and anxiety, the body and brain can get out of balance.

That’s why we created P.T. Calm.

We have formulated P.T. Calm with natural herbal ingredients and special nutrients that have been shown scientifically to help bring the body and brain back into balance.

The key to P.T. Calm is our stress relief nutrients that help boost the calming neurotransmitters in the brain.

But you don’t want a “chill pill” that makes you “dopey” and dragging instead of stressed. You want a product like P.T. Calm that helps relieve stress at the root level in the body. That means it helps you feel more resilient, social, positive and alert throughout the day.

Just two capsules a day of P.T. Calm can provide the extra help you need get back into balance and restore the quality of life you want.

Make it a new healthy habit for you and your loved ones.


1 review for P.T. Calm™

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chris Lucka

    Okay so this one I was really at odds with, really??? PT Calm. Well Jeff, not bad brother, it does what it says. I was literally in a better mood and much calmer (Especially at work). Thanks Jeff, love it!!!

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