My Grandfather’s World War I Log Book – Part 16 – A Shower & Doughnuts!

My Grandfather’s World War I Log Book – Part 16 – France

October 9 – 12, 1918

First shower in a month + Doughnuts!

My comments: My grandfather was with the U.S. Army 111th Engineers battalion.  Back to excerpts from his Log Book…they are still supporting the Argonnes offensive that is finally starting to drive the Germans back.

Excerpts from Log Book*:

First bath in a month!

 October 9th: We were visited by some boche [German] planes through the night & they sure must have had our number, as bombs were falling all around us.  Sure glad to hear that Lieut. Singleton was feeling better & hope he rejoins us soon. Our men must have passed up another boche cannon & crew as we could hear when they fired & when the shells hit as they were tearing up the main road.  This has been going on for the past four days.  They would fire from 6 to 12 shells & then quiet.”

“We rigged up a shower bath as Varennes, put up a gasoline engine, pumped & heated our water from the creek.  Say that bath was the first we had in a month & it sure was a howling success.”

October 10th: Moved to Varennes at noon, spent the rest of the day in cleaning up.  Report came in that Pvt. Chas Perkins died.  As fine a fellow as you could find anywhere, always had a smile for everyone.”

October 11th: The 78th and 82nd Divisions have gone up to relieve the First. It’s about 20 kilos to the front now & the report is that they have the dutch [Germans] out of the forest.”

World War I, U.S. soldiers playing piano

U.S. soldiers playing piano near Varennes October 11, 1918 (photo from Library of Congress)

Salvation Army Doughnuts…”you could eat about 100″!!

October 12th: Working on road north of Varennes. Nothing brought us nearer home than the doughnuts we bought of the Salvation Army.  They just melted in your mouth & you could only get three of them when you know you could eat about 100.”   (Bold added)

Salvation Army, World War I

Doughnuts from the Salvation Army: World War I poster by George M. Richards (Library of Congress)

Next post will be — “Raining and cold enough to make road work hell.”

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*Quotes are from my grandfather Sergeant 1st Class Lou Sheckard’s World War I handwritten Log Book.  He describes his experience with the U.S. Army 111th Engineers from March 1, 1917 to June 15, 1919.  To learn how I discovered this 100-year-old family treasure, click here.

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