My Grandfather’s World War I Log Book – Part 24 – France – “Trip to Paris”

My Grandfather’s World War I Log Book – Part 24 – France

February 1 – March 25, 1919

“Thought I would take a trip to Paris.”

My comments: My grandfather was with the U.S. Army 111th Engineers battalion.  This excerpt from his Log Book takes place in the months after World War I ended.  He spent a glorious 15-hour day in Paris, then was put in charge of all Engineer property at the Engineer School at Clamecy.  I added photos found online that relate to my grandfather’s Log Book posts.

Excerpts from Log Book*:

February 1st, 1919: Orders came in for my transfer.  Thought I would take a trip to Paris, so I did.”


My Grandfather’s pass that enabled him to visit Paris and Dijon in February 1919

Feb 2nd: Arrived in Paris at 6 A.M.  Took in the sights of the town and they sure are great; would like to spend a month here under other circumstances.  Left here at 9 P.M.”

Paris, France: Place de la Concorde in 1919


World War I, Paris, Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower photo taken in 1919 by Lewis Wickes Hine (Library of Congress)

Feb 3rd: Passed my station so rode on to Dijon.  A good live little town.  Quite a museum here.”

Dijon, France: Museum of Fine Arts, modern day

Feb 4th: Left here at 7 A.M. and arrived at my destination at 9 P.M.  Would still have been going but my francs gave out.”

Feb 5th: Reported to C.O. Col. Fordendall, was sent to Major Kelton, C.O. of the Engineer School.  Was told to report to Lieut. JJ Hayes of the Eng. detachment for rations and sleeping quarters.”

Feb 6th: Was put in charge of all Engineer property under Lieut. CA Meyer, supply officer.”

Feb 7th: Put in a new system of handling supplies, which was badly neglected so far.”

Feb 28th: Work went along good to the 28th.”

March 1st: Preparing for inventory, which is to be taken on the 3rd.”

March 3rd: Started my inventory of all Engineer property at Clamecy.  Turned it over complete to Lieut. Meyer on the 15th.”


Clamecy, France in 1905

March 25th: School closed and am shipping away all my railroad stock and pontoon equipment to Eng. Depot at Grievres.”


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*Quotes are from my grandfather Sergeant 1st Class Lou Sheckard’s World War I handwritten Log Book.  He describes his experience with the U.S. Army 111th Engineers from March 1, 1917 to June 15, 1919.  To learn how I discovered this 100-year-old family treasure, click here.

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