My Grandfather’s World War I Log Book – Part 26 “Arrived in God’s Country again at Hoboken, NJ”

My Grandfather’s World War I Log Book – Part 26 

May 30 – June 15, 1919

“Arrived in God’s Country again at Hoboken, NJ.”

Parades back home in Tulsa and Dallas


My comments: My grandfather was with the U.S. Army 111th Engineers battalion. In this final excerpt from his Log Book, he and his regiment arrived back in the U.S.A. on May 30, 1919.  They then went back to Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 12, where “the town went wild.”

I was amazed and excited to find photos online of my grandfather’s battalion marching in “Welcome Home” parades in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 12 and Dallas, Texas on June 14, just as he wrote in his Log Book.  See those photos and others I found below.


Excerpts from Log Book*:

May 30th, 1919: Decoration Day.  Arrived in God’s Country again at Hoboken, NJ at 8 A.M. and it sure felt great to be here too.  Went to Camp Mills and arrived at 3:30 P.M.”

June 1st: Was deloused, inspected and examined once more and it took until 2 A.M. to do it.”

June 3rd: Took in little old New York City.”

New York City, 1919

Aerial view of “little old New York City” in 1919 (photo from Navy National Museum)


New York City, 1919

Fifth Avenue, New York City in 1919, as my grandfather may have seen it (source of photo unknown)


June 8th: Entrained to Camp Bowie, the home stretch.”

June 12th: Arrived at Tulsa 8 P.M. and the town went wild. The regiment paraded through town.”

World War I

111th Engineers battalion, Company D, parading in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 12, 1919

 (Photo “from Colonel Douglas’ 1921 book about Tulsa. Photograph of the Arch of Welcome on June 12, 1919.
The arch was erected on Main Street between 3rd & 4th Streets to welcome home Company D, 111th Engineers, 36th Division, from World War I.
The arch was built at a price of $3500 and paid for by public subscriptions.” Beryl Ford Collection)

June 13th: Okla. City at 8 A.M.  Was met by Mother Grisso.  Sgt Cross, Brown and myself went down to The Lounge for breakfast.  Met Jay and he sure is looking fine.  Felt good to be back.  Met Father Grisso & John; was glad to see them all.  Jay took the boys riding.  I went up to see J.R. Wright and others I knew.”

I found an old family photo labeled “Mrs. Grisso and John 1918”

June 13th continued: Mother Grisso gave us a lunch basket and we left for Ardmore at 12 noon.  Was sure given one grand reception.  Arrived at Ardmore 4:30.  Ate more lunch, cake, ice cream, drank more soda until we all said thumbs down. Could not hold another mouth-full of anything.  Left at 7:30 P.M. for Dallas.”

June 14th: Arrived here [in Dallas] some time through the night.  Paraded through town at 10 A.M., then a trip around the city until noon when we went to the fairgrounds for lunch.  Tisdale and I rode in Mr. Jack’s car.  Went swimming in Cascade Plunge in afternoon.  Left Dallas at 3 P.M. and arrived Fort Worth 7 P.M.”

World War I

111th Engineers battalion parading in Dallas, Texas on June 14, 1919

(Photo from both the Tarrant County College NE Heritage Room, University of North Texas libraries and SMU library)

June 15th: Started turning in equipment this morning.”


***End of my grandfather’s World War I handwritten Log Book***


Next post will be — Letters to the 111th Engineers from Colonel Horace Baker (Commander of 111th Engineers) and General John Pershing (Commander of American Expeditionary Force in World War I)

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*Quotes are from my grandfather Sergeant 1st Class Lou Sheckard’s World War I handwritten Log Book.  He describes his experience with the U.S. Army 111th Engineers from March 1, 1917 to June 15, 1919.  To learn how I discovered this 100-year-old family treasure, click here.

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