World War I Log Book – Part 6

Excerpts from my Grandfather’s World War I Log Book

Part 6 – France – August 22-30, 1918

Need to work day and night – All volunteered!

111th Engineers built a grenade course in Spoy, France on August 22, 1918
(this photo is a 1918 grenade course at Camp Lewis, Washington from the National Archives)

My comments: The 111th Engineers arrived in France on July 30, 2018.  During the week covered by this post, they are still training behind the lines, preparing to advance to the front.

Log Book* quotes from August 2018:

“22nd– Platoon engaged in constructing regimental grenade course at Spoy.  When call for volunteers to finish course was made, necessitating all night work after a hard day, the entire platoon volunteered.  Very gratifying indeed.” [emphasis added]

“23rd– The commander prepared plans for rifle range while the company hauled provisions and supplies from Spoy.”

“24th– Work on range started.  Sgt. Sands began sketch of territory adjacent to village, assisted by topographical party.”

Engineers map making in 1918 (Photo from U.S. Army Center of Military History)

“27th– Range construction and routine drill.  We were all issued gas respirators at Spoy.”

“28th– Platoon left Argancon 9 A.M.  Engineer reconnaissance to Bar-sur-Aube, via Spoy and Le Val Perdue.  Hiked 16 kilo [10 miles].  Sketched 5 kilo of route on 8 to 12% grade and returned.  Total kilo marched 33 [20 miles].  Time 8 hours including rest and 1 hr 30 min for dinner. Not a man uttered a complaint and no men lagged behind.  Men in best of spirits and cheerful.  Damn good record.  Lt. very proud of them.”

“29th– Riding horse received for Lt.”

“30th– Studied demolition of 3 span masonry arch bridge near Jaucourt.”

Next post will be — My grandfather catches hell from Capt. Moon

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*Quotes are from my grandfather Sergeant 1st Class Lou Sheckard’s World War I handwritten Log Book, describing his experience with the Army 111th Engineers from March 1, 1917 to June 15, 1919.  To learn how I discovered this 100-year-old family treasure, click here.

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